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Aesthetics and Functionality

Let's take a moment to look at these two key points that we at Riverview Curtains consider the essential building blocks of great interior transformations


When assessing an area of your home the first thing to consider is "what do you want to achieve?" is it a complete design and colour transformation, is it protection from the heat and glare? Or is it both? These are the two most common factors that people enquire about; this is what we consider to be part 1 in the equation "Functionality". From this information the correct product needs to be chosen by considering all options available, is it curtains, shutters or blinds.


This is what we consider to be part 2 in the process, after we have chosen the correct product and fabric, we need to ensure that the products are going to visually integrate with your decor and enhance the ambience of your living area. The types of things we consider at this point are do you want the colour scheme to blend in or do you want some contrast with the colours, this is where you have endless options, which we understand can become confusing and frustrating for some, however we are here to make it easy for you. With our extensive background in colour selection and design I can assure you we will always give the right advice, it is something I pride myself on as I enjoy seeing the end results of a well planned and thought out interior just as much as you will enjoy living in it.

The Key to Success

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the process of coming up with a functional & aesthetically pleasing living area, as you can see the key to achieving a comfortable and usable interior is good planning and a structured process from start to finish. Talk to us today about transforming your home into something amazing! We love talking curtains, shutters and blinds and we are passionate about what we do, so call today to experience the "Riverview Difference".

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